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Digital Marketing

Businesses and organisations of all sizes now have at their disposal the same digital technology as the largest corporate to reach target markets. It has never been easier to set up websites and social media accounts to help promote products and services and to facilitate customer interaction.

However, running parallel to this access to communications technology is the relentless demand from consumers for immediate and up to date information relevant to their needs. Having a website and a social media presence is not enough, they have to be dynamic and constantly updated to maintain the user’s interest and encourage interaction.

The amount of time taken to prepare and upload content in a format suitable for various digital devices and social media platforms is often seriously underestimated, as are the creative processes involved. As a result many websites and social media accounts become stale and begin losing followers/customers to other sites.

The management of effective digital marketing and communication requires commitment in terms of time and innovative content and Scott Manning Associates can help a business achieve this. An awareness and understanding of digital marketing media and how they can be integrated within marketing and promotional strategies is essential together with a realistic appreciation of the time and resources required.

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