Cowbridge fashion TV

Cowbridge fashion TV
Scott Manning Associates has launched a Web TV channel as part of the project which it sponsors and manages. Cowbridge Fashion TV will be showcasing products and retail services available in Cowbridge together with relevant media from other sources. This mix of local produced media content with that from the fashion industry and other sectors will help raise awareness of the designer brands, local produce and creative services available close to home.

There is clear evidence over the last twelve months that an increasing number of retail outlets in Cowbridge are beginning to use digital marketing techniques to keep existing customers informed as well as to reach, and supply, new customers. Cowbridge fashion TV aims to facilitate this positive drive by independent retailers to reach a wider audience.

Another objective is to utilise local creative talent and technical expertise to produce media content for Cowbridge fashion TV. If anyone is interested in becoming involved in the provision and presentation of original content please call 01446 771220 or use the form below.

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